NSF selects SyntheZyme for Phase I SBIR

Brooklyn, NY, January 11, 2010 – SyntheZyme LLC, a leading developer of bioplastic monomers today announced that it has been awarded by NSF a Phase I SBIR for approximately $150,000 from NSF to develop biopesticides based on its proprietary yeast enzyme technology.

Biobased and biodegradable industrial chemicals are at the forefront of attaining sustainability in manufacturing and agriculture. SyntheZyme addresses this need with proprietary yeasts and separation technology to convert natural oils and sugars into bioplastic monomers, biopesticides and personal care product ingredients.

This grant focuses on the production and evaluation of a number of natural lipid derivatives as antifungal agents to protect crops and ornamental plants. “Biopesticides which will not accumulate in the soil are the fastest growing sector of the pesticide market. We expect to demonstrate economical alternatives to synthetic fungicides with high effectivity and rapid biodegradation” said Frank Shinneman, SyntheZyme’s President & CEO.